Now that the UK and Scottish Governments have committed to reaching Net Zero in legislation, all attention is on delivery. Local authorities and their public sector partners are often sitting at the sharp end of that delivery, working to secure the co-benefits of climate action for the people and places they serve. So, with so much focus on action, what can mandatory public sector climate change reporting add to the agenda?
George Tarvit
Sustainable Scotland Network

To address Cardiff Council’s climate emergency, the Council produced the One Planet Cardiff Strategy which sets out the Council’s approach across the coming decade to work in partnership with stakeholders to develop a pathway for a Carbon Neutral City by 2030.
Steve Knowles
Cardiff Council

Hywel Lloyd outlines the engagement that UK100 has had with the UK's Distribution Network Operators to ensure that local authority energy planning is considered in their plans for the future of the electricity networks.
Hywel Lloyd