Christopher Hammond, Network Membership Director

Christopher Hammond

Chief Executive
Christopher is the Chief Executive of UK100. Formerly the director of UK100’s award-nominated Membership & Insights team, Christopher has doubled the size of the network and launched the Climate Leadership Academy and Local Power in Action programme since joining in June 2021. Previously, Christopher served as the elected Leader of Southampton City Council. In 2020, he was shortlisted for ‘Leader of the Year’ in the LGIU Councillor Awards. Christopher holds a degree from Bournemouth University, which named him its 2019 Alumni of the Year.
Alice Groux, Chief Operating Officer

Alice Groux

Chief Operating Officer
Alice joined UK100 in April 2024 as Chief Operating Officer. She brings valuable experience from her previous roles, having worked closely with local leaders on public engagement in France for five years and supporting the development of local health and wellbeing initiatives in South East London as the Chief Operating Officer of Age UK Lewisham & Southwark. Although new to the world of climate change, Alice has a passion for bringing people from diverse backgrounds together to solve complex issues, coupled with an enthusiasm for spreadsheets, finance, fundraising, and HR. With her strong background in operations and community engagement, Alice is supporting UK100's mission while driving organisational growth. When she's not working towards a more sustainable future, you can find Alice trying her hand at the pottery wheel with varying degrees of success or logging hours on the farming simulation game Stardew Valley, with over 1000 hours already under her belt.
Philip Glanville, Director of Advocacy and Engagement

Philip Glanville

Director of Advocacy and Engagement
Philip joined UK100 as Director of Advocacy and Engagement in January 2024, bringing over seventeen years of experience of working in local and national government. Most recently he led politically on Climate Change, Net Zero and Transport at London Councils and the Local Government Association. As the Mayor of Hackney, he unlocked award-winning work on regeneration, housing, active travel, clean air and the circular economy. He has extensive advocacy, engagement, campaigns and policy experience from both the political and third sectors. He lives in London and enjoys culture, travel, running and food when not working for UK100.
Bonnie Greer, UK100's Executive Support Officer

Bonnie Greer

Executive Support Officer
Bonnie joined UK100 in April 2024 as an Executive Support Officer. She brings valuable experience from her previous roles at Neighborhood Sun Community Solar in Washington, DC, and the Spokane Tribe's planning department. With a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies Human Rights from the University of Washington, Bonnie is particularly passionate about advancing equitable energy transitions. She has a proven track record in strategic partnership development and community outreach. Bonnie is dedicated to driving positive change and promoting environmental and social justice causes through collaborative action. When she's not working towards a more sustainable future, you can find her climbing, hiking, or enjoying the great outdoors in any capacity.
Amna Imran, UK100's Operations Officer

Amna Imran

Operations Officer
Amna joined UK100 in June 2024 as Operations Officer. She brings a wealth of cross-cultural, NGO-specific operational knowledge from her previous role at a global public health NGO and over three years of experience working in permaculture in Central America. Amna is passionate about utilising science-backed research to spark change, having previously led international projects implementing healthcare interventions in rural Bangladesh and re-wilding programmes in Guatemala. Beyond work, Amna loves being outside and can be found playing volleyball, hiking, or running as she prepares for her first marathon.
Leonardo Magnani, Senior Grants Fundraising Officer

Leonardo Magnani

Senior Grants Fundraising Officer
Leonardo joined UK100 as Senior Grants Fundraising Officer in January 2024, bringing over six years of fundraising experience for global social and environmental causes. His previous roles ranged from tackling wildlife trafficking in the Amazon to using art to make local democracy more inclusive in Europe. After growing up in a small rural town in the Italian Alps, Leonardo pursued a Master's degree in Local Sustainable Development in Italy and Brazil before arriving in the UK. He has additional expertise in impact evaluation, reporting, and business development. When not busy writing grant proposals for UK100, you can find Leonardo at the gym or experimenting with collage.
Cecily Spelling, Membership Programme Manager at UK100

Cecily Spelling

Membership Programme Manager
Cecily joined UK100 in April 2023 as Membership Programme Manager. She is responsible for the delivery of our membership programmes which engage and empower our growing network of local leaders. Cecily has previously worked at Possible, Wildlife and Countryside Link, and Sustain where she has specialised in network building, shared learning, and events. When not fighting climate change, she uses every pot and pan she can find to cook up a storm in her kitchen, walk her rescue dog, or swim on the North Essex coast.
Tunisha Kapoor, Research and Insights Manager

Tunisha Kapoor

Research and Insights Manager
Tunisha joined UK100 in March 2023 as Research and Insights Manager. She is responsible for interpreting our member's experiences and turning these into a robust evidence base to support our advocacy to national government. She has worked with non-profits in India across various sectors including health and financial inclusion, supporting their research functions. She has also led projects to pilot-test new and innovative solutions for service delivery for the social sector. You will likely find her watching plays, wandering around galleries, volunteering or hiking in her free time.
Liam Ward UK100

Liam Ward

Communications Manager
Liam is a committed climate advocate with a journalism, politics, and humanitarianism background. After a lost decade as a DJ and promoter, he worked with the BBC, Green Party, and Mines Advisory Group (MAG). Liam joined UK100 as a Communications Manager in 2022. He is a part-time gig-goer, lacklustre runner, and full-time film bore in his spare time. Liam is a passionate Sam Neill fan and advises everyone to watch Hunt for the Wilderpeople.
Patrick Hargreaves, Parliamentary Officer

Patrick Hargreaves

Parliamentary Officer
Patrick joined UK100 in January 2023 as a Parliamentary Officer. He has five years of experience working in Australian politics with a varied policy background, from crisis management to reproductive health. Patrick has previously worked on campaigns for industrial hemp and helped sporting clubs implement sustainable environmental practices. He has a Bachelor of Arts and a Graduate Diploma of Journalism from RMIT University in Melbourne. When he's not reading Hansard, Patrick enjoys playing cricket, walking around art galleries and frowning at crosswords.
Jon Gilbert, Membership Programmes Officer

Jon Gilbert

Membership Programmes Officer
Jon joined UK100 in December 2023 as a Membership Programme Officer. He has previously worked across the sustainability sector in roles with Barratt Developments Plc, the Building Research Establishment (BRE), and Bournemouth University. Jon is particularly excited to build upon his experiences gained at BRE, where he directly engaged and supported Local Authorities towards their Net Zero targets. Jon helped to identify strategic opportunities and provide data and training packages. With an MSc in Sustainable Urbanism from UCL, Jon is passionate about exploring all opportunities to unlock local Net Zero through planning and development processes. When he's away from his desk, you may find him down the allotment, out trail running, or taking up yet another new hobby.
Kelsey Trevett, UK100's Membership Projects Officer

Kelsey Trevett

Membership Projects Officer
Kelsey joined UK100 in April 2024 as a Membership Projects Officer. They bring a wealth of experience from their background in social and climate justice campaigns, having worked with the Green Party and on initiatives to improve disabled young people's access to further education. Kelsey has also supported a global movement of women to achieve gender equity in global health leadership and is a strong advocate for the principles of non-formal education. When not working towards a more equitable and sustainable future, you can find Kelsey exploring the park with their guide dog, Lacey, or indulging their love of Francophone pop music while on a train bound for their next European capital.
Rachel Eden UK100

Rachel Eden

Senior Finance Officer
Rachel qualified as an accountant in 2007 and has a wide range of experience in helping companies, charities and social enterprises in achieving their financial goals. She is passionate about the Net Zero agenda and has pushed forward a number of initiatives related to this in her home town of Reading, including as a director of local cooperative Reading Community Energy Society. Rachel believes that compliance, clarity and a sense of control are vital in helping organisations succeed. She is also a skilled communicator and aims to make sure the numbers tell the story - and are even enjoyable. Outside of having fun with spreadsheets she enjoys gardening with her children and is an avid podcast and audio-book listener. Rachel joined UK100 in Autumn 2020 and combines this with her other work as an accountant and trainer. Rachel is also a Councillor on Reading Borough Council.
Marilyn Melville UK100

Marilyn Melville

Finance Officer
Marilyn joined UK100 in January 2020 as Finance Officer. Her experience spans global organisations, architectural practices and creative businesses where focus has been on care in the community projects and sustainable design. She has developed a forensic approach to business finances and is passionate about contributing to the success of any organisation she works for. She is also a long-standing member of Greenpeace and WWF. After work, Marilyn is re-learning the guitar and is an ardent knitter in the Nordic style.