Power Shift

UK100, Quantum
May 2021
Our Power Shift report is the most comprehensive examination of the powers local authorities have and need to deliver on climate ever undertaken. It draws on previous expert reports, including those produced for government, combined with a series of interviews with local authorities and other stakeholder organisations.
Local authorities face “Kafkaesque” barriers to achieving Net Zero goals, reveals a comprehensive new UK100 report. Powers in Place calls for a new Net Zero Local Powers Bill and Net Zero Delivery Framework. The report is released as UK100 joins Chris Skidmore MP’s Local Mission Zero Network and announces plans to work together to drive forward policy solutions to overcome the barriers to local Net Zero.

Energy Networks: Insight Briefing

Hywel Lloyd
January 2022
This insight briefing examines the Net Zero transition in relation to the energy networks that connect our homes, workplaces, commercial and industrial buildings to sources of energy for heat and power, and the role of local authorities within this transition.

Local Authority Contributions to Net Zero

Edinburgh Climate Change Institute
October 2021
While it has legislated for Net Zero nationally, the UK Government’s approach to working in partnership with local authorities to enable programmes and projects that will achieve Net Zero hasn’t delivered to date.
Both the Climate Change Committee and the National Audit Office have highlighted the fundamental role of local authorities in delivering on the UK Government’s ambitions to be Net Zero by 2050. To do so, local authorities need more powers to act.