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With 2024 set to be the UK's first "Net Zero election" our new report urges local authorities to step up as trusted sources of information and effective drivers of practical progress.

Download the report here

The new “Zero In - Accelerating Local Climate Action” report from UK100 and the Mission Zero Coalition warns that wavering government support and the rise of misinformation means Net Zero is on the ballot paper for many communities during the upcoming May 2nd local elections in England.

This year will see the biggest set of local, national and international elections in a generation and a critical democratic moment for Net Zero commitments by 2030 and beyond. This report along with the Taking the Heat Out of Local Climate Action pledge urge all candidates to champion climate action as an issue that transcends party politics and to counter misinformation by providing accurate, accessible information to residents.

The report highlights the vital role local authorities must play in accelerating the UK’s transition to Net Zero. By leveraging their unique position to drive locally tailored climate action, councils can unlock substantial economic, social and environmental benefits for the communities they serve.

However, to fully realise this transformative potential, local authorities need an empowering framework of support from central Government – one that combines long-term funding, strengthened powers and a shared commitment to collaborative placemaking. 


For Local Authorities

  • Commit to ambitious, evidence-based Net Zero action plans co-designed with local residents, publishing yearly progress
  • Work collaboratively across regions and sectors, using their roles as conveners of place to deliver a joined-up local Net Zero ecosystem and influence area-wide emissions.
  • Engage communities as valued partners in shaping and delivering a shared Net Zero vision
  • Champion a transition with fairness at its heart to deliver positive social, economic and health outcomes for all
  • Develop robust Local Area Energy Plans to underpin the transition to Net Zero

For Central Government

  • Establish a central-local Net Zero Delivery Framework to define roles, objectives and collaboration
  • Provide long-term, non-competitive Net Zero funding to all local authorities tied to outcomes and pace of delivery
  • Devolve Net Zero powers to local leaders to unlock the full potential of integrated, place-based solutions
  • Ensure all national Net Zero policies, programmes and funding are designed for effective local delivery
  • Support local capacity-building and technical assistance to scale up Net Zero progress nationwide

Voices from the frontline

Speaking at the launch event on Thursday, 18 April, Christopher Hammond, Chief Executive of UK100, said:

"The journey to Net Zero isn't going to be easy. But that's not a reason for inaction, indulging in scare campaigns, or pitting communities against each other. Honesty, openness, and engaging residents are essential foundations for the rapid, inclusive Net Zero transition we need to see. 

Chris Skidmore OBE, the Former Energy Minister who signed Net Zero into law and Chair of the Independent Review of Net Zero and Mission Zero Coalition adds:

"Local authorities are the unsung heroes of the Net Zero transition. Day in, day out they are delivering the practical changes we need to see, from upgrading homes to improving public transport.

"But they can't do it alone. This pledge sends a powerful message that local leaders are united in their commitment to tackling the climate crisis. Now we need to see that same spirit of collaboration from Westminster, with a clear policy and funding framework to empower local delivery.”

Richard Clewer, Co-president of UK100 and Leader of Wiltshire Council, says:

"Achieving Net Zero will require significant changes, but bringing residents and businesses along with us in an open and honest conversation is essential. Wiltshire is ready to lead the way in engaging communities as partners in climate action."

Izzi Seccombe OBE, Warwickshire County Council leader, concludes:

"By signing this pledge, I'm underlining my commitment to working across the political divide to engage openly and honestly with our residents about both the challenges and opportunities of the Net Zero transition. Only by bringing our communities with us can we hope to accelerate progress towards a cleaner, greener, more prosperous future for all."

Read more about the pledge here