Research into a National - Local Net Zero Delivery Framework: Executive Summary

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Local Powers
The Prime Minister describes the UK’s international leadership on climate change as ‘game-changing’, pointing to a 44% reduction in UK emissions on 1990 levels.

The empowerment of local leaders and communities is essential, ensuring that they have adequate powers, resources and partnerships to deliver the large changes that are needed to achieve Net Zero and to unite and level up the whole of the UK.

While local authorities are already at the vanguard of delivering climate change action on the ground, they know that they need to do so much more.

However, local authorities face multiple plans, strategies and funding pots relating to Net Zero from the UK Government and without a unifying plan or framework - action is being stifled. There is consensus between local leaders and organisations, including the Climate Change Committee (CCC) and the National Audit Office (NAO), that the partnership between local authorities and national government must improve if we are to deliver Net Zero.

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