UK100 Response to National Infrastructure Commission Report

Karen Barrass
Built environment
Homes & Buildings
Decarbonising Transport
This report outlines the response which UK100 provided to the National Infrastructure Commission's call for evidence based upon their Second National Infrastructure Assessment Baseline Report.

The NIC's Second National Infrastructure Assessment Baseline Report sets out the current state of the UK’s economic infrastructure and identifies key challenges for the coming decades. The Commission will make recommendations to address these challenges in the second National Infrastructure Assessment, to be published in the second half of 2023, following the call for evidence.

The Baseline Report identifies key challenges including decarbonising electricity generation, decarbonising heat and improving energy efficiency and the role of hydrogen and carbon capture and storage. The report identifies Net Zero and climate resilience as key objectives and identifies two challenges to deliver levelling up: improved urban mobility and reduced congestion and a multimodal interurban transport strategy.

Our response to the NIC's call for evidence outlines the key role of local and regional authorities in addressing these challenges of Net Zero, climate resilience and levelling up, and the powers and resources which local authorities need to deliver on these objectives.